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Portable Solar Charger Power Bank 20000mAh - 5V Fast Charging with Super Bright LED Flashlight

Portable Solar Charger Power Bank 20000mAh - 5V Fast Charging with Super Bright LED Flashlight

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Portable Solar Charger Power Bank 20000mAh

5V Fast Charging with Super Bright LED Flashlight

Designed for outdoor emergency power use - portable and lightweight power bank with built in solar panel charging.

Power bank has 20000mAh large cell capacity. The use of industry-leading high-density lithium polymer cells makes it more compact and has a larger capacity. A high-quality, high-density battery can support thousands of charge cycles.

Solar power bank has two 5V2.1A high-speed fast charging USB output interfaces, Able to fully charge your mobile device more efficiently. The built-in intelligent IC chip can automatically identify the charging product and convert it into the corresponding current and voltage. It is compatible with 99% of electronic products and equipment on the market.

Power bank is equipped with two super bright LED headlight flashlights. Long pressing the power button for 3-4 seconds,flashlight turn on, long pressing again, flashlight turn off. This is a very useful extra function whether you are experiencing a power outage or outdoors. In addition, the power bank also has a built-in high-precision compass, which has been precisely corrected before , so that you will no longer get lost in outdoor activities.

Solar charger is mainly charged via USB, but can also be charged via the built-in solar panel. However, since the charging speed is affected by the sunlight intensity and the conversion rate of the panel, it takes a long time to fully charge. Solar charging is for emergency use only. It is an additional feature and not the main input. Therefore, it is recommended that you use an adapter with a power above 5V2.1A to charge the solar charger for daily use.

Eco-friendly solar power

The Solar charger power bank is made of environmentally friendly silicone, high-strength ABS and PC materials, with a protective cover attached to the outside of the charging/discharging port, which is waterproof, dust-proof, and drop-proof, very durable. It can still work normally in various harsh environments. It also comes with a carabiner that you can attach to your backpack while hiking and charge this power bank with solar energy.

Using solar panels offers numerous benefits, including clean energy, cost savings, energy independence, durability, increased property value, and access to government incentives. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the financial advantages of renewable energy. What's not to love!



Brand Name: VSARTERO
Certification: WEEE
Certification: UL
Certification: CE
Origin: Mainland China
Output Interface: 2 A Ports
Max. Output Power: 15W

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