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It’s easy to make simple changes, and green choices, to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly and sustainable. We’ve done the hard work for you, find everything you need to shop ethically & sustainably. Socially responsible shopping starts here!

Little Green Earth Shop is an online marketplace curating prodcuts from manufacturers and brands around the world. Hoping that the store will inspire and empower visitors to explore an eco-freindly and sustainable life with a love of nature and the environment.

Your Little Green Earth Shop

Whether you’re looking to live an eco-conscious lifestyle, looking for sustainability tips, for eco-friendly products, for recycled products, looking for living off grid ideas, alternative lifestyle self-sufficiency ideas, or looking for ways to save money on household bills with green energy, alternative energy sources and zero waste solutions. We have plenty of low-impact living ideas.

Find inspiration and fantastic eco-friendly products, for living a green, sustainable life now. Get into the green habit!