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Miniwell Portable Outdoor Water Filter Survival kit with Bag for Camping & Outdoor Survival

Miniwell Portable Outdoor Water Filter Survival kit with Bag for Camping & Outdoor Survival

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Turn fresh flowing water into drinkable water instantly

Filter up to 2000Litres at 0.1microns. Produce flow rate of 600ml/minute.
Attachable Collapsible Bottles: Water filter fits on these bottles. Clean Water can be squeezed through water filter easily.

Gravity Water Filtration

Bucket connector and hose included for DIY gravity filtration system.

BPA Free Bottle: Easy to fill & take up very little space. Stands upright when it's filled.

Lifespan of filter can be extended by backwash
Backflush can rinse away impurities that the membrane has filtered from water. There is a silicone gasket around the mouthpiece. A handy bottle can be covered on the gasket for backflushing without leakage. You don't need to keep a syringe on the go anymore.

1) When the flow rate slows, Miniwell water filter can be back-flushed with ease. Please use clean water only while back-flushing.
2) Before storing the Miniwell water filter, back-flush with clean water and then soak in a mild vinegar solution to disinfect the filter.
3) After cleaning, let the filter air dry and store in a cool and dry location.
4) Shelf Life: 5 years. After initial wetting: 3 years.

Accessories included
1) Miniwell personal water filter L630 with tip cap
2) Bucket or plastic bag connector
3) Hose clip
4) Silicone hose
5) Transparent Water Bag  x  2


Use: camping, hiking, fishing and travel equipment
Type: Water Filter
Type: Survival Kit
Speciality: high-volume long-lasting and portable
Size: 40*136mm
Name: Portable Water Filter
Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 micron
Filtration Capacity: 2000 Liters
Color: Green
Brand Name: Miniwell
Application: Running Fresh Water Source

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