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Portable Non-stick Aluminium Alloy Camping Cookware for Outdoor Cooking

Portable Non-stick Aluminium Alloy Camping Cookware for Outdoor Cooking

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Camping Cookware Set

Feel like going nomad and living off grid for a bit - or want to have the perfect cooking set for your next camping adventure?

Lightweight for backpacking and hiking, great for a picnic. Have a festival in your garden and camp out!

This Camping Cookware Set is Aluminium and Portable, perfect for Outdoor Cooking. It even comes with a free camping cutlery set.

High Strength Camping Cookware Kit - Manufactured by anodic oxidation process, the aluminium metal surface has a stable protective layer, and the components are mechanically connected by riveting, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, easy to clean.

Easy to Store

Kettles, pots and frying pans are stacked on top of each other, then packed into the mesh bag for easy travel. You can even clip the bag onto your backpack for hands-free travel and freeing up space in your bag for the important things like coffee and biscuits.

Heat insulation effect - non-slip handle design, made of heat insulation plastic material, so that it's not hot when using.

Safety measures - Designed to prevent hot water from splashing out when pouring.


Style: Outdoor

Number of Users: 2~3
Material: aluminium alloy
Foldable: Yes  
Disposable: No                          
Capacity: >3L
Can Hold Boiling Water or Not: Yes, suitable for boiling water

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