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Outdoor Camping Wood Burning Stove with Barbecue Grill - Lightweight, Folding and Portable

Outdoor Camping Wood Burning Stove with Barbecue Grill - Lightweight, Folding and Portable

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Outdoor Camping Wood Burning Stove

With Barbecue Grill - Lightweight, Folding and Portable

So lightweight, folding stainless steel camping stove. Very easy to assemble, takes about 1 minute to assemble and then you can add your fuel of choice, whether it's wood, twigs and debris, charcoal or alcohol fuel blocks. This multi-purpose camping cooker is perfect to pop in your rucksack for camping, hiking, adventuring. Great for preppers, Folds down almost flat and takes minimal space in your bug out bag!

Being able to boil water for coffee in an emergency is pretty essential. Tried, tested and approved by Little Green Earth Shop 💚

Try using it in windy conditions with the Ultralight Outdoor Foldable Wind Shield

Camp Stove Specifications

Brand Name: TOMSHOO
Origin: Mainland China
Disposable: No
Type: Multi-purpose Fuel Stove
Fuel: Firewood / Alcohol blocks
Applicable Season: All Seasons
Structure: SPLIT / Folding
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Material: Stainless Steel
Application Method: Manual
Model: portable wood stove
Number of Users: 3-5

** Scroll down for details of each model type **


Type 1:

It can not only work as a holder to pot boil water, but also a small BBQ grill.
Stainless steel frame for superior corrosion resistance and creates a stable platform for your cookware.
The height of the ash tray can be adjusted to control the heat as required.
Crimping design with smooth angle is gentle to hands.
Compact and detachable design, easy to operate and store with a durable storage bag provided.
Cook a meal using wood, twigs, leaves or branches on your hike. Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels.
No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon footprint.
Great for camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, picnic, etc.

Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver
Stove Size: 185 * 183 * 153 mm / 7.3 * 7.2 *  6.0 in
Grill Size: 207 * 141 mm / 8.1 * 5.6 in
Folding Size: 207 * 153 * 20 mm / 8.1 * 6.0 * 0.8 in
Package Weight: 643 g / 1.4 lb

Package List:
1 * Wood Stove
1 * Pouch


Type 2 :

This camping cookware mess kit includes a wood burning stove with alcohol tray, BBQ grill net, grill pan. The whole parts are made from stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable, great choice for cooking in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, BBQ and more.

Crafted from high-quality stainless steel material for performance and durability.
Mini stove effortlessly cook a meal or boil a bottle of water with twigs, leaves, branches or alcohol. It is easy to assemble and fold down, fit into any pocket.
BBQ grill pan and net are included for outdoor barbecue. The grill pan can also be used as a chopping board.
Comes with a black stuff pouch for convenient storage and transportation.
Great for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, BBQ, fishing, survival, and other outdoor activities.

Material: Stainless steel
Stove: 78 * 86 * 108mm / 3.1 * 3.4 * 4.2in
BBQ Grill Net: φ118mm / 4.6in
Alcohol Tray: φ90mm / 3.5in
BBQ Grill Pan: 130 * 83mm / 5.1 * 3.3in
Package Size: Approx. 190 * 140 * 40mm / 7.5 * 5.5 * 1.6in
Package Weight: 327g / 11.5oz

Package List:
1 * Camping Stove
1 * Alcohol Tray
1 * BBQ Grill Net
1 * Grilling Pan

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