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Merkaba Star Crystal Pendulums - Natural Stone, Clear Quartz, Red Bronze

Merkaba Star Crystal Pendulums - Natural Stone, Clear Quartz, Red Bronze

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What is a Merkaba Star?

The Merkaba star shape is said to carry the energy of Spiritual transformation. Allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those who are able to tune with the higher realms.

Mer means - Light

Ka means - Spirit

Ba means - The Body

Mer-Ka-Ba means - The spirit/body surrounded by light, which transports the spirit/body from one dimension to another.

Merkaba Star Crystals

Merkaba Star Crystals are ideal for crystal healers, energy healers, self-healers, Reiki practitioners and anyone who would like to explore spiritual transformation. For healers this shape, specifically, is said to amplify healing gifts.

As a symbol or solid, it has been used in many cultures, faiths and religions including the ancient Egyptians and Jewish religions.

How to Use a Merkaba Star Crystal:

Holding a Merkaba star whilst breathing deeply, letting your thoughts go, relaxing and getting into a meditative state is said to help one to explore 'rising to the next level'. Helping you to discover higher thoughts, lessons, and states of being.

Healers sometimes program Merkabas for specific intentions and then give them to those in need. Sometimes with an accompanying meditation to focus on whilst holding the stone.

It is an expansive stone, bringing your being into wholeness, balance, harmony, preparing you for opening yourself to a higher state of consciousness. Connecting with your higher self and higher purpose. 


Stones: Watermelon Crystal , Blue Turquoise , Opal , Howlite, varies on choice
Raw Material: Natural Crystals Stone
Product Name: Reiki Natural Stone Pendulum for Dowsing Divination Rod
Pendulum: Natural Stone Pendulum , Crystal Pendulum , Pendulum Divination , Witchcraft Pendulum
Pendants Type: slide
Pendant Length: Approx 7.7 cm / 3.03 inches
Pendant Feature: Natural Stone , Clear Crystal, Merkaba , Hexagonal Prism , Energy Spiritual
Origin: Mainland China
Note 1: The colour is a little different from photos due to natural stones
Natural Stones 3: Brown Sand , Blue Sand , Picture Jasper
Natural Stones 2: Lapis Lazuli , Amethyst , Tiger Eye , Clear Crystal
Natural Stones 1: Rose Quartz , Black Onyx , Red Jasper , Sodalite
Model Number: G930
Metals Type: Copper
Material: Semi-precious Stone
Item Type: Pendants
Chain Length: Approx 26.5 cm / 10.83 inches
Brand Name: CSJA Jewelry

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