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Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 - 21 Keys Mahogany Wood Portable Finger Piano

Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 - 21 Keys Mahogany Wood Portable Finger Piano

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Kalimba Thumb Piano - With a choice of 17 or 21 Keys

Made from smooth Mahogany Wood  - A portable Finger Piano - ideal for any musical ability.

Creative Gift

Spark a child's curiosity with this beautiful creative gift. Or pack in your festival bag for instant campsite music camaraderie.

Express yourself with no musical knowledge needed, just tap the keys, make sounds, be one with your music.

Included: 17 or 21 Keys Kalimba, Tuning Hammer, Kalimba Box, Cleaning Cloth, Finger Cover, Color & Tune Stickers, Study Instructions in English

Material:Mahogany Wood
Size:17 Keys, 21 Keys
Origin: Mainland China


1. High quality raw materials
2. It can make a wonderful sound
3. Portable and easy to store
4. Easy to learn, easy to play
5. A very special unusual gift idea

Please note:

1. Wood products have a certain colour difference, due to the natural grain of the wood, so please expect a very slight colour variation.
2. Kalimba should be placed in a space with suitable temperature and humidity to prolong the service life.
3. A new product may need to tune the key many times in a short period of time to achieve a relatively stable pitch going forward

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