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Biodegradable Paper Grow Pots for seedlings 6cm / 8cm

Biodegradable Paper Grow Pots for seedlings 6cm / 8cm

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Using biodegradable paper grow pots for seedlings

Help prevent transplant shock and root damage when moving small, healthy plants and seedlings from their pots to the soil when you grow seedlings in grow pots first.

These seedling pots are biodegradable, so they can be directly planted into the ground along with the plant, eliminating potential root obstruction and allowing the plant to grow without any further stress. This is an ideal solution for new or experienced gardeners looking to cultivate herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Type: Nursery Pots
Size: 6cm/8cm depending on your choice
Model: Plant Nursery Cup
Material: Uncoated Paper
Item: Seed Nursery Cup for seedling starting

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