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Lightweight & Portable Solar Power Bank Charger 20000mAh - with Strong LED Light & Double USB

Lightweight & Portable Solar Power Bank Charger 20000mAh - with Strong LED Light & Double USB

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Battery Capacity

Lightweight and portable Solar Charger

Built-in high-quality 20000mAh mobile battery, compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and 99% other USB devices.

This portable solar charger comes with a compass and two LED flashlights, making it a must-have outdoors. or for living off-grid. Also, 74 Wh of total power is safe for air travel.

2 USB Outputs & 2 LED Torch - With the built-in 5V/2.1A USB output, you can share this solar charger with your friends or partner.

** Please note, this model can take up to a month to arrive - if you are looking for a similar item that arrives faster, please check out our listing for this Portable Solar Power Bank Charger. **

Versatile Solar Charger Design

There is 1 solar charging indicator light and 4 USB charging indicator lights. The green light is on when solar charging, and the blue light is on when USB charging. Also built in are two super bright LED flashlights with SOS mode for emergencies. It is an ideal companion for camping, travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities.

With USB & Solar Charging Mode - The solar cell phone charger can charge via USB and solar panel. However, since the charging speed depends on the intensity of sunlight and the conversion rate of the panel, it may take a long time to charge. Therefore, USB charging is recommended for daily use, and solar charging is only recommended for emergencies. Note: Please use the adapter to fully charge the solar charger before travelling outdoors.

Eco-friendly solar power

Sturdy, Durable and Waterproof! - This sturdy solar power bank is made of environmentally friendly silicone, ABS and PC materials, with excellent heat dissipation capabilities. For the mobile power supply, there is a protective cover on the outside of the charging and discharging port, which can prevent water and dust. In addition, it is also equipped with a carabineer, which can be hung on the backpack when climbing, and the power bank can be charged through solar energy.

The benefits of using Solar Power

Using solar panels offers numerous benefits, including clean energy, cost savings, energy independence, durability, increased property value, and access to government incentives. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can make a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the financial advantages of renewable energy. What's not to love!


power bank battery / power bank
charger power bank: power bank Solar
Type: Portable Power Bank
Solar Power Charge: Solar Fast Charging
Shell Material: Eco Plastics
Powerbank Charger: LED Light Fast Charging
Power Bank: Charging Power Bank
Portable External Battery Charger: Portable Power Bank
Output Interface: Double USB
Max Input: 10W
Input Interface: Micro USB

Solar Panel, with Flashlight, Digital display, LED Lamp
Fast Charging: Support USB Charging
Certification: CE,UL,FCC
Brand Name: Jiansu
Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery

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